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Crystal Pepsi 2016: Facts To Know About This Trending Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi 2016: Facts To Know About This Trending Crystal Pepsi
Photo of Crystal Pepsi (Pepsi Cristal) as released in Canada in 2016 Farside268 / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0


Crystal Pepsi 2016: Facts To Know About This Trending Crystal Pepsi

For 90s kids, Crystal Pepsi brings nostalgia. And the beverage giant is now bringing back this once-popular drink in select convenience stores across the country.

Over the past decades, Pepsi has become a popular household name, and as time goes by, it has amassed a great number of loyal consumers. No wonder the company will be re-launching some of its iconic products, one of which is the popular Crystal Pepsi popular in the 90s.

Crystal Pepsi is Back

But according to an article from Fortune, the product won’t last long. The colorless and caffeine-free soda will be temporarily available in select stores across the country after sales plunged when it was first introduced in the market.

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The rebirth of the rather peculiar variant of Pepsi was sparked by a petition posted at that generated tens of thousands of signatures requesting its return. Responding to the petition, Pepsi Cola gave in and announced that it will resume the product.

Available in Retail Stores

A spokesperson for Pepsi told Fortune that excitement is building up in Canada a month after its launch. Pepsi fans were assured they can expect to see the once-extinct product back in leading retail stores in the U.S.

Austin Scammell, who initiated the petition, has gathered 38,752 of supporters as of posting. The petition was published from Bristol, United Kingdom.

“A lot of younger people (including myself) have never gotten the chance to taste this unique drink, and today’s society would enjoy this comeback because of our obsession with the old and ‘retro’. Just look at the sales of Pepsi’s own ‘Throwback’ drinks! #BringBackCrystalPEPSI,” Scammell wrote in his petition.

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