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Cryotherapy Chamber Freezes Girl To Death

Cryotherapy Chamber Freezes Girl To Death


Cryotherapy Chamber Freezes Girl To Death

A cryotherapy chamber reportedly froze aesthetician Chelsea Ake-Salvacion to death at a salon where she worked.

A cryotherapy chamber reportedly froze aesthetician Chelsea Ake-Salvacion to death at a salon where she worked. She was found days after she vowed and attested about cryotheraphy health benefit and safety.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said preliminary investigation found that Ake-Salvacion was in the cryotherapy chamber for at least 10 hours. The recommended time for the therapy is no more than 3 minutes. According to a report from News 3, police established that Ake-Salvacion used the machine without any assistance that may have led to suffocation. Police said there had been “operator error.”

Ake-Salvacion is the manager of the Rejuvenice salon in Las Vegas where she was found dead. Albert Ake, the victim’s uncle, did not believe the investigator’s finding of operator error. He attested that his niece knew exactly what she was doing.

Days before Ake-Salvacion was found dead, she had been interviewed by the Las Vegas Review Journal where she displayed credible knowledge about the treatment. She explained how hydrfacials and cryofacials work. “It’s similar to microdermabrasion, but instead of crystals that exfoliate the skin, it’s more of a suction machine. After that, we apply a serum that protects the outer layer of the skin and moisturizes it. We like to do the cryofacial afterward because it helps seal everything in,” she said, explaining how cryotherapy chamber is anti-aging.

On Rejuvenice’s website, cryochamber was explained as a multi-person walk-in device which exposes the patient’st entire body to hyper-cooled room-air. The website said the treatment is very popular among athletes. Cryochamber’s benefit includes internal systemic anti-inflammatory response in the body, the website said. The process involves exposing the patient in a temperature of about -240 degrees Fahrenheit. Patients should remove their robe during the treatment but they can wear their socks, slippers, gloves, bottom underwear, sports bra, mask and earmuffs.

Rejuvenice however has a disclaimer saying that their claims regarding the benefits of the treatment have not been evaluated by the FDA. “These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease,” the disclaimer reads.

Speaking with News 3, Shae-Lynn Bee, Ake-Salvacion’s best friend, said she knew that her best friend was alone closing the shop. But that is far as she can know about what happened. “It’s very frustrating to know because you know there are no cameras in there. Basically, the only person that does know what happened is Chelsea,” she said.

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