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After The Cronut, Walmart Introduces The Crotilla

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After The Cronut, Walmart Introduces The Crotilla

If you’ve long been over Dominique Ansel’s cronut, meet the crotilla. This new pastry is a cross between a buttery croissant and a flat tortilla.

“The Crotilla is a hybrid bakery item exclusive to Walmart,” Walmart said in a recent blog post. And because of its form, the long-time food and grocery retailer believes that its crotilla creation can be used “for everything, from breakfast sandwiches to Indian food.”

One of the people who worked on the creation of the crotilla was Walmart Bakery senior buyer Bradlee Underwood. According to Underwood, they saw a need to “create a mash-up of two products the customer already understands.” “Also, we know customers, especially millennial customers, are hungry for new food trends and cool ways to experience food, and we want to be a destination for that,” Underwood explained.

The crotilla can be enjoyed as savory or sweet.

According to Walmart, the crotilla makes for quite a versatile base. You can prepare several meals on it, whether you’re thinking about breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or even a simple dessert.

For starters, a breakfast crotilla can be filled with eggs, sausage and cheese. For something lighter, you can also fill it up with some, basil and tomatoes. And in case you want something sweet in the morning, you can also top your crotilla with some Nutella and sliced bananas. Meanwhile, you can also top your crotilla with chicken, cucumbers and tzatziki sauce for a nice and healthy lunch. You can also make a mini pizza with your toppings for choice. And if you want something heartier, you turn a couple of crotillas into a burger sandwich.

For a snack, you can use the crotilla to prepare a nice mezze platter for dipping. And if you’re looking for something on the sweet side, you can also drizzle it with some honey, butter and powdered sugar. Meanwhile, for dessert, you can top with Nutella, fresh sliced strawberries and whipped cream.

According to Walmart, one of the best things about the crotilla is that it’s always easy to work with. This is because it perfectly fits into a toaster, making it a convenient food to bring along anywhere, anytime.

Grab some crotilla now and see what else you can do with this hybrid flatbread.

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