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Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Teaser Trailer Shows JJ Burning With Rage, New Romance Hinted – Report

Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Teaser Trailer Shows JJ Burning With Rage, New Romance Hinted – Report
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Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Teaser Trailer Shows JJ Burning With Rage, New Romance Hinted – Report

Wednesday’s case is tough for JJ in the second episode of “Criminal Minds” season 2. On returning home, JJ is shaken and has a break down while talking to her husband about the two children who have been abducted on “Sick Day”. The question that arises is whether the BAU is hunting for a pyromaniac unsub who has done it before.

Rather than going home, the team moves on to their next case. Bodies of 2 children were discovered in Los Angeles from an abandoned building that had burned down. They seemed to be like the missing kids on whom Hotch was consulting.

A fourteen year old from Irvine named Hannah, and an eleven year old from Anaheim named Max, had been abducted in daylight. It’s suspected that the unsub might have learned their daily actions by stalking them and then imposed a blitz and fast attack on them in broad-daylight to establish his authority.

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After the abduction, the case really strengthens and shakes up JJ. In Tvguide’s exclusive sneak peak of “Criminal Minds”, JJ says, “I can’t imagine what would drive a parent to do something like this” while surveying the burnt house along with Alvez(Adam Rodriguez) and Reid(Matthew Gray Gubler).

A couple of years ago two runaway bodies and foster kids were found in the police records in San Diego but months apart. And in both cases they were in abandoned buildings that had been burned down. The question that arises is why were the current victims found together this time? While Reid emphasises on the fire part, Alvez desires to find out if it’s the same person. According to BuddyTV, the unsub who likes fire is trying to live his endgame fantasy in Los Angeles .

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We find JJ ending up to work with the newbie Alvez on the case. This leads to a bonding and is teased by Rodriguez, who says, “He gets to work right away with JJ. They end up getting into a pretty hairy situation early on,”.

Erica Messer the showrunner of “Criminal Minds“, tells Tvguide “The team suffers a loss in this one and she comes home definitely affected by it. Her kid is sick and it’s sort of that feeling of you can’t control any of it,”. This episode features the return of Mekhai and Phoenix Anderson, Cook’s real sons,Michael and Henry, as her TV sons.

Criminal Minds” season 12 episode 2 airs Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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