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Criminal Minds Boycott: Thomas Gibson Firing Means Show’s Downfall

Criminal Minds Boycott: Thomas Gibson Firing Means Show’s Downfall
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Criminal Minds Boycott: Thomas Gibson Firing Means Show’s Downfall

The dismissal of Thomas Gibson from ‘Criminal Minds’ might not be the end of the controversy. Fans of the sacked director are rallying for the cancellation of the show but can they really cause the reinstatement?

The incident was not an isolated case on the show because Gibson was also involved in a physical altercation before. According to TMZ, his first offense landed him in an anger management class. He had a row with an assistant director before.

The latest incident that caused his termination involved the writer, Virgil Williams. They have an argument that ended up with Gibson kicking Williams.

The Human Resources and the producers agreed to remove Thomas Gibson from the series. CBS and ABC Studios confirmed the termination. The actor-director has been with the show since its debut in 2005. However, fans reacted and threaten to boycott the show.

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Gibson was reportedly planning to file legal action against ‘Criminal Minds’ producers. He has allegedly approached LA firm, Miller Barondess to be his legal representative.

The actor playing the role of Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner expressed his gratefulness to his fellow actors, the writers, producers, crew and his fans. He also said that he has put into the show his heart and soul with a wish that he will be part of it till it ends. He failed to maintain his cool despite being on the show for 12 years.

Fans troop to social media to express their angst and work for the cancellation of the show as reported by the Daily Mail. They also warned to boycott the show if Thomas Gibson will not be reinstated.

Will Thomas Gibson really see the ending of ‘Criminal Minds’ where he has worked with for more than a decade? Will the network and the producers give him another chance?

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