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Rodrigo Duterte Mocks Australia, Makes Dirty Jokes Again

Rodrigo Duterte Mocks Australia, Makes Dirty Jokes Again
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Rodrigo Duterte Mocks Australia, Makes Dirty Jokes Again

Rodrigo Duterte, the crass-mouthed PH presidential frontrunner made another dirty joke with regard his penis and mocked Australia once more on its peaceful stand on the South China Sea conflict. No matter how uncouth his words and actions are, Filipinos seem to love Duterte as poll results showed.

As reported by Sydney Morning Herald, Rodrigo Duterte was his brash self at a business forum in Manila held Wednesday, April 27. He did not even dress up for the event, opting to wear a sports t-shirt and corduroy jeans instead of a more formal and fitting wear to such an important meeting.

His clothing should have given away what kind of Duterte important businessmen will be meeting that day.

Duterte shocked participants by articulating plans to pardon himself for his murder cases once he took on the prestigious title of president. He also joked about penis, threatened to kill his own children if they are caught using drugs, and then took a new swipe at Australia over its policy on the South China Sea, SMH reported.

In particular, Duterte was not happy that Australia chose to stay neutral over the intensifying row in the disputed waters of the South China Sea between the Philippines and China. “Why the hell didn’t Australia, the Americans or even Japan stop it?” he said.

It seems that the candidate forgot that earlier in April, Australian forces risked angering China by taking part in war games with Philippines and US forces.

Apart from this, Duterte shocked esteemed businesspeople when he joked about his penis and using Viagra. It seems that he let his crass style overtook his better judgement again. “I was separated from my wife. I’m not impotent. What am I supposed to do? Let this hang forever?” Mr Duterte said, referring to his penis. “When I take Viagra, it stands up.”

The business forum was not all bad. Duterte promised to prioritize education and infrastructure-building and improving once he becomes the President.

The frontrunner however is currently embroiled in a big controversy once more. Duterte is being accused by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, who is currently running for the vice-presidency, of not declaring P211 Million in an account at a bank branch in Metro Manila in 2014, as reported by Inquirer. Duterte denies all these allegations and described these as fabricated.

Despite all these, survey polls continue to put the candidate on top of the ranks, as reported by the Washington Post. “If the polls are correct, Australia’s traditionally strong defence and diplomatic relationship with the Philippines could be barrelling towards a cliff,” SMH reported.

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