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Craig Wright Now Refuses to Prove That He Created Bitcoins

Craig Wright Now Refuses to Prove That He Created Bitcoins
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Craig Wright Now Refuses to Prove That He Created Bitcoins

Craig Wright, who had claimed a while back, that he was the creator of the multi-billion pound Bitcoins, has taken back his claim. He is now refusing to produce the “extraordinary evidence” that he had promised the world regarding the proof that he had indeed given birth to the cryptocurrency.

Wright had revealed via many popular news mediums that he was the person who was acting under the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’, the name that was credited for the creation of Bitcoins. The Australian academic and businessman had vowed to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he was the founder of Bitcoins by drawing people’s focus towards the genesis block, which is the first ever ecosystem involving Bitcoins, to make a transaction.

However, according to Engadget, he has since had to face a lot of outcry over the authenticity of his “proof”, after many security researchers opined that the signature showed by Wright was merely a copy of Nakamoto’s signature from his Bitcoin transaction back in 2009 that can be obtained by anyone with internet access.

In light of the negative reactions from Bitcoin users, Wright posted a message entitled “I’m Sorry” on his blog, where he stated “I believed that I could do this. I believed that I could put the years of anonymity and hiding behind me. But, as the events of this week unfolded and I prepared to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys, I broke. I do not have the courage. I cannot”. He also apologized for causing the outrage against other prominent individuals associated with the world of Bitcoins, who had openly supported his claim on social media, reports Telegraph.

Jon Matonis, the founding director of Bitcoin Foundation was one of the persons towards whom Wright’s apologetic post was directed. Matonis expressed his disappointment on Twitter saying, “There won’t be an on-chain signing from early bitcoin blocks, but there also won’t be another Satoshi.”

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