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This Couple Was Saved By A Selfie

This Couple Was Saved By A Selfie
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This Couple Was Saved By A Selfie

The next time you get into trouble, consider taking a selfie. One couple did, and it saved their lives.

A couple was enjoying a hike up the Peak District when they suddenly got stuck on a cliffside. They had made their way up a steep bank near the top of the Winnats Pass in Derbyshire. Afterwards, they found themselves in need of assistance. Just one problem: they had no idea how to get help or where to get it from. Then came an ingenious idea.

According to a report from the Mirror, the couple, who appeared to be in their 20’s, decided to send a selfie they had taken earlier that day to rescue workers in order to help locate them. According to the Edale Mountain Rescue, a crew of six members of the rescue unit were then dispatched to locate and rescue the couple. They were found uninjured.

Following the rescue, duty leader and medical officer Steve Rowe told the BBC that the couple had done a remarkable job directing the rescue group to where they were. He explained, “They had described the location very well, and then one said: ‘I’ve got an idea, I’ll send you a picture as well’, saying they were in a shadow cave in the background of the picture.”

At the same time, Rowe said the unidentified couple had also sent a Whatsapp message with their location, which allowed workers to “get straight to where we needed to be” He said that this is the first “selfie rescue” he and his team had conducted in 15 years.

Rowe credits the couple for their smart use of technology. “Quite a lot of people get into trouble because they rely on technology, but this couple were able to use their mobile phone and photos for their benefit so it was a good result,” he explained.

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