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Counter-Strike Can Now Be Played On Smart Watches: Know How It Works

Counter-Strike Can Now Be Played On Smart Watches: Know How It Works
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Counter-Strike Can Now Be Played On Smart Watches: Know How It Works

If you thought that checking up on your fitness status is all that Google’s smart watches were capable of doing, you are in for some shocking discovery. The much-loved game of Counter Strike that only people with considerably advanced computers could hope to play just a few years ago, can apparently do so now on their smart watch!

However, one has to fulfill a list of criteria to be able to play Counter Strike on their smart watches. As stated by The Verge, one needs to have the Xash3D app, the Counter-Strike Client App and a copy of Counter-Strike 1.6 to try one’s hand at shooting heads on the miniature smart watch screen. What’s more, gamers will get to play Counter Strike on the go (even during your morning jog) and at the same time, compete with people playing Counter Strike on their PCs.

However, how much of the success the creators of smart watches manage to make by introducing a complex combat game on such a minuscule gaming space is yet to be seen. Gizmodo, attempting to play the game on a smart watch is no cakewalk, even for the most expert gamers in the world of virtual combat. Counter Strike chokes up at the about 20fps and online playing option is unavailable.

Moreover, it is almost impossible to see anything on the tiny screen, which cluttered with an over-abundance of controls. Hence, one has to go at it blind, since one’s thumbs block almost every frame and leaves one with no clue as to whom they are shooting at. This takes all the fun out of the game and leaves one feeling frustrated and with nothing but strained eyes.

Even though the genius behind this endeavor, Dave Bennett, has posted a number of instructions on the best way to approach the game on android devices, they are more of a generic kind, not specific to smart watches, which have a much-restricted screen space than its other android powered counterparts.

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