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Cortana For Xbox One Confirmed, New Summer Update Details Revealed

Cortana For Xbox One Confirmed, New Summer Update Details Revealed
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Cortana For Xbox One Confirmed, New Summer Update Details Revealed

According to to E3’s website, the Xbox “Scorpio” will be a part of Microsoft’s reveals during the conference. Recent news about its features may raise a few eyebrows.

Xbox One summer update adds Cortana

In the upcoming Anniversary Update, Xbox One is all set to release Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant for Windows 10. The software will be integrated with the console, and according to The Guardian, Microsoft plans to bring its platforms, including the PC, on the same level.

Cortana seems to carry more good news, as Microsoft has said it will be a “personal gaming assistant” for all its users. Gamers will be able to command and ask necessary questions to improve their experience. According to IGN, the new step hopes to “bring together more people and more games across devices through Xbox Live.”

While some fans may argue that Xbox One already contains features that respond to the user’s voice command, it’s nothing compared to Cortana. Even Albert Penello, the senior director of Xbox product management, said, “Today, talking to your Xbox is a little bit like talking to your dog. All the old Xbox commands will work, but there’s a much more robust set of grammar that Cortana understands.” (sourtesy: CNET)

As of now, we can expect the new update of Cortana to accept simple commands like Play, Install, Shutdown, Restart and Switch On, etc. However, we expect it to be more than just that.

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