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Cortana Languages: Latest Windows 10 Update Adds 3 More

Cortana Languages: Latest Windows 10 Update Adds 3 More
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Cortana Languages: Latest Windows 10 Update Adds 3 More

Windows 10 Cortana is one of the features this operating system is loved for. With every update, Microsoft tries to make this digital assistant better than it was earlier. The company makes sure that everyone across the world uses this favorite assistant conveniently. So with latest Windows 10 update, Microsoft added 3 new Cortana languages.

The news is for Windows 10 Insider Preview Build users. This Cortana Windows 10 update is only for the “fast ring” users.  Microsoft announced this Windows 10 build 14279 on the 04th of March, shedding light on the updates brought to your system. Along with the 11 existing Cortana languages, 3 more languages have been added:

  1. Spanish for Mexico
  2. French for Canada
  3. Portuguese for Brazil

Listed below are other languages that already exist:

  1. China: Chinese (Simplified)
  2. Canada: English
  3. India: English
  4. Australia: English
  5. Japan: Japanese
  6. United Kingdom: English
  7. Italy: Italian
  8. United States: English
  9. Spain: Spanish
  10. France: French
  11. Germany: German

Other than Cortana languages, Windows 10 build has introduced other changes as well. The memory of this digital assistant has now become sharper. “With Cortana, you can now save useful information like the name of a book you want to read (ex: “remind me to read [insert book name]”), or a to-do item without a due date (ex: “remind me to wash the car”),” wrote Microsoft on Windows Blog. Other than this, you will also be able to “set specific details like location, time, and people at a later time so that Cortana will surface it when it’s most relevant.”

Along with Cortana languages and reminders, Microsoft has also improved Japanese IME. Now you will be able to type more smoothly than before.

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