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Corned Beef In China Made From Dead Bodies?

Corned Beef In China Made From Dead Bodies?
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Corned Beef In China Made From Dead Bodies?

From all the things plaguing China and its questionable food processing industry comes a gruesome claim that corned beef in the country is made from dead bodies. According to a Facebook post, corned beef made from the dead bodies is then sold off to Africa. Has China really gone to a new low?

Several versions of the Facebook post have perpetuated the net for many years. In the recent series of postings, the post claiming the use of dead bodies came with images about the morbid operation. However, what can be surmised is that the photos came from a number of sources.

According to Snopes, at least one of the images used originated from the 2012 marketing stunt for the video game “Resident Evil 6.” Specifically, a butcher shop set up “fake stunt” of selling human meat at London’s Smithfield Market. The report also noted that Capcom supposedly sponsored the art installation in East London referred to as “Wesker & Son Resident Evil Human Butchery.”

It was all for the hype of the release of Resident Evil 6. The butcher shop sells meats, but not human meat. It sells a variety of pork cuts, and the meats were arranged to resemble humans.

Several websites have perpetuated the idea of Chinese corned beef made from humans, but these sites have had a track record of releasing hoax or unverified “news” stories. These websites include TuneZNG, Information Hood, and Nairaland. The websites were unable to provide further evidence that some manufactured corned beef in China contains human meat.

Nonetheless, this does not dispel the fact that China has a huge meat consumption. According to Bloomberg, China’s meat appetite has made it possible for two of the country’s largest animal-feed providers to become billionaires. These two include Bao Hongxing – chief executive officer of closely held Twins Group Co., China’s fifth-largest animal-feed producer –  and Chen Yuxin, founder of closely held Sichuan Tequ Investment Co., Sichuan province’s biggest animal feedmaker.

The two tycoons supposedly has $1.8 billion and $1 billion net worth, respectively.

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