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Cops Escort Daughter Of A Fallen Officer To Prom

Sierra Bradway With IMPD Officers And MCSO Deputies Facebook

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Cops Escort Daughter Of A Fallen Officer To Prom

When it was time for a fallen officer’s daughter to attend her prom, her police family was determined everything they could to make it extra special.

Sierra Bradway lost her father, Officer Rod Bradway, back in September 2013. He died in the line of duty while saving a woman’s life. Upon his death, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department mourned his loss greatly. However, they had always known that they were not the only ones in much grief.

“On September 20, 2013, the IMPD lost a brother, but Sierra lost her father,” the police department explained in a press statement. Moreover, they also pointed out that while many high school girls would get to take a photo with their family and friends, Sierra would have someone missing during her special day.

“Fathers are blessed to see how their daughters have grown into beautiful young women and proudly stand with them before they head off to celebrate an evening of formal fun. Unfortunately, Sierra will not have that opportunity with her father,” the IMPD remarked. This is why, on the day of her prom, Sierra wanted to stop by his gravesite to take photos with her father while wearing her prom dress. And when the IMPD found out about her plans, they knew they had to step in and help.

The truth is, IMPD would not have known of Sierra’s plans if it weren’t for her date’s mother. Sierra’s date was Brock Spayd, who happens to be the son of Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Captain Spayd. According to the IMPD, Captain Spayd reached out to their department for a “call to action.” “She called for officers to come and honor Rod and to show Sierra that her Blue Line Family will be here to support her, in all that she does,” the IMPD. And so, both IMPD officers and MCSO deputies work together to plan a surprise that Sierra would never forget.

Officers surprise Sierra at the cemetery.

Upon arriving at her father’s final resting place at the Crown Hill Cemetery, Sierra was surprised to find a huge group of officers waiting for her. She looked amazing in her deep blue prom dress and happily posed for photos. She also took one with IMPD Chief Bryan Roach as she cradled a framed photo of her late father. “There were a lot of laughs, some tears, but most importantly, there was love.”

Sierra’s prom day was indeed extra special. And as she headed off to her prom at the Decatur Central High School, IMPD only had one reminder for her date. “Have her home by 11 p.m.!”

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