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Cop Responds To Noise Complaint, Ends Up Teaching Kids How To Salsa

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Cop Responds To Noise Complaint, Ends Up Teaching Kids How To Salsa

On San Antonio police officer ended up showing off his dance moves when he responded to a noise complaint in the neighborhood one evening.

On Saturday night, San Antonio Police Department officer Juan Carlos Bruno answered a call from Leslie Sapp’s neighborhood. It was a noise complaint from one of Sapp’s neighbors. She was holding a party in her backyard. There was music playing because it happens to be a dance party for her children’s dance club. And instead of simply telling the crowd to stop, Officer Bruno decided to do something better. He started dancing with them.

Officer Bruno surprised the crowd when he started dancing.

“So SAPD originally came for a noise complaint at our crew event…. THEN this happened…lol,” Sapp said as she captured the moment and posted it on her Facebook page. Officer Bruno took to the dance floor and started showing off his own salsa moves. He even shared a dance with Sapp’s daughter. “He even got Jaelie to dance with him…lol. Super cool of him,” Sapp remarked.

Sapp’s daughter is a member of the NXG Dance Crew. It is a group that aims to provide a “positive alternative activity for youth and adults to express themselves. The group performs regularly throughout various events across San Antonio. It’s a great way to keep kids out of trouble. Instead of getting caught up in drugs and gangs, they simply dance.

After the encounter, the group decided to honor Officer Bruno for his participation with a certificate. They also made him a little thank you card. According to SAPD spokesperson Sandra Pickell, the officer truly “has a passion for serving his community.” That night, Officer Bruno also managed to reach out to a community that doesn’t exactly view cops positively. “In our part of town, a bad idea of cops,” Sapp told NBC News.

Today, the video of Officer Bruno dancing salsa with the kids has become a huge hit online. In fact, it already has more than 500,000 views.

Meanwhile, it looks like Officer Bruno is planning to take to the dance floor again soon. This time, it would be at his own wedding. As you might expect, Officer Bruno invited the NXG Dance Crew to perform on his special day.

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