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Cop Rescues Man Trying To Jump From The Sixth Floor

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Cop Rescues Man Trying To Jump From The Sixth Floor

One police officer made it just in time to stop a man from jumping off the 6th floor of a residential building.

Officer Justin Martin of the Hamden Police Department had been called to respond to an incident. He received a report regarding a combative resident at the Whitney Center in 200 Leeder Hill Drive and made his way to the scene.

Soon as he arrived, Officer Martin met with a number of staff members as well as elderly male resident. The officer was engaged in a discussion on the third floor when the resident suddenly took off. He ran away from the staff members and Officer Martin ran after him. The officer’s pursuit of the man was recorded on his body camera.

The chase led both men to the sixth floor. According to the Hamden Police Department, Officer Martin spotted the resident exiting the sixth-floor doorway, which led to a terrace on the roof. The officer rushed over to the roof and made it in time to see the resident “dive head first over a ‘waist high railing’.”

The man nearly fell off the railing but Officer Martin managed to grab him in time. He pulled him off the railing and towards the floor as the man continued to resist the assistance. “The resident continually interfered with Officer Martin’s efforts by “pulling away” and “kicking his feet” during the rescue,” the Hamden Police Department stated.

Police Chief: Officer’s actions were heroic.

After the man was successfully detained, he was transported to the Yale-New Haven Hospital evaluation. Thanks to the quick response of Officer Martin, a possible tragedy had been prevented. Meanwhile, Police Chief Thomas Wydra also praised the officer. ”
His actions are certainly heroic,” Wydra told the New Haven Register.

Wydra also believes that Officer Martin risked his own life when tried to rescue the man. “When you watch the recording, he could have easily gone over the ledge with the resident by grabbing him that way,” the police chief explained.

Meanwhile, when asked about the incident, Officer Martin told News 8 that he was just determined to keep the man from getting seriously hurt. “I just wanted to catch up to him. I didn’t want him to hurt himself,” he explained.

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