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Cop Helps Fulfill Dying Girl’s Bucket List

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Cop Helps Fulfill Dying Girl’s Bucket List

Meet Chief Olivia Gant. She may only be six years old but for one day, she’s one of the men and women in blue. It’s part of her bucket list, one that she wants to finish before her illness takes over her completely.

From the very beginning, you can say that Olivia has had it rough. The little girl has been diagnosed with both autism and a condition known as neurogastrointestinal encephalomyopathy. The latter has made life particularly difficult for her.

In fact, Olivia is now in constant pain. Her mother Kelly says her daughter now needs pain medication “around the clock.” She is already in intestinal failure. Despite her condition though, young Olivia chooses to stay positive every single day. “She sometimes has no idea who we are as family, but behind the pain and behind the surgeries, there’s always a smile,” Kelly explained.

Right now, Olivia is concentrating on accomplishing as may things as possible before her condition becomes worse. That is how she came up with the idea of a putting together a bucket list. “We were in the hospital for about a month and came home on hospice so she made a bucket list of things she would like to do in order to hopefully fulfill all of her wishes because you know, we don’t know how much longer she has,” Kelly explained.

And so, that is when the Denver Police Department decided to help out. You see, one of the items on Olivia’s bucket list is to be able to “catch a bad guy with police.” The police department was more than happy to give Olivia the chance to do so.

Olivia becomes Chief Olivia for the day.

On Sunday, Kelly took Olivia to the Denver Police Department where she was sworn in as little girl in blue. To make it official, she even got her own cop uniform along with an honorary badge. To the department, she was Chief Olivia.

Kelly said that Olivia has always enjoyed spending time with the police. After all, she tends to see them quite often. “With her medical condition, we’ve called 911 several times. Every time the ambulance comes, the police respond,” Kelly explained. ” She wanted to be like the ones that come help her, she wanted to help others.”

During her ride along with Cpl Tim Scudder, Chief Olivia actually got to catch a ‘bad guy.’ They rushed over to another office who was waiting to be handcuffed and taken back to the station. It’s safe to say that Olivia had the time of her life.

Meanwhile, the Denver Police Department is also happy that she came along. “We pray for each other every single day. And I want you to know we are going to keep you in our prayers,” the department’s Chief Robert White told Olivia.

Kelly said she would pictures of Olivia’s day with the police on the wall so they have something to look at. “So we can remember this day,” she remarked.

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