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Conviction Premiere Facts: Hayley Atwell In Jail And Everything To Expect

Conviction Premiere Facts: Hayley Atwell In Jail And Everything To Expect
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Conviction Premiere Facts: Hayley Atwell In Jail And Everything To Expect

Conviction, which premieres on October 3 on ABC at 10 pm ET, will show Hayley Atwell in a different light altogether.

Although her character Hayes Morrison is distinctly different from her Peggy Carter, the two roles still have a few common traits. Both the women are smart and rebellious and have a unique way of expressing themselves.

Being the president’s daughter, Morrison has grown up in an environment strewn with fake people and that has kept her on the edge throughout. However, it was when she discovered that she lacked a purpose in life, the Conviction Integrity Unit happened, the Spoiler TV reported.

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The premiere starts with Morrison, the former first daughter who hit headlines for possessing cocaine, entering into a deal with her rival Connor Wallace, played by Eddie Cahill, that will put her at the top of a team of lawyers investigating convictions of innocent people.

Wallace formed the team so that it helps him in his future run for Mayor. The team looks into old cases and studies them carefully so that people who have been wrongfully incarcerated can be saved and Morrison is assigned the head of the unit.

Sam Spencer, played by Shawn Ashmore, is a lawyer who was supposed to head the CIU but was sidelined because of Morrison’s popularity and shares an interesting chemistry with her. Merrin Dungey’s Maxine Bohen, on the other hand, is an ex-cop who knows when and where Morrison needs a push.

The team also includes forensic specialist Frankie Cruz, played by Manny Montana and Emily Kinney’s para legal Tessa Larson. The first case that CIU handles concerns a young African-American boy who has been convicted of murdering his girlfriend.

However, according to Cinema Blend, Morrison as the main character may not be able to keep the audience intrigued with the series long enough, despite strong efforts by the other members of the cast.

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