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Consumer Reports Drops Tesla: Is This The End Of Tesla’s Reign?

Consumer Reports Drops Tesla: Is This The End Of Tesla’s Reign?
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Consumer Reports Drops Tesla: Is This The End Of Tesla’s Reign?

Consumer Reports stopped recommending “Tesla” after surveying owners and finding out the poor performance of the “Tesla Model S”.

Consumer Reports has dropped the bomb on Tesla on Monday when it stopped recommending it to consumers.

According to their release, the change of opinion about the car brand came from gathered complaints from owners of the Tesla Model S.

New York Times reported that a series of problems has plagued the survey and most of them are about the automatic door handles, noises and “motors that needed to be changed.”

The study conducted by the consumer group included some 1,400 Tesla Model S owners. Some were very emotional about their reaction to this. Tesla’s stock dropped as big as 10% during midday, said in the same New York Times report.

Is this a big blow to the company? With the trading effect last Tuesday, it seems to be a yes. Consumer Reports has always given a liking towards the Tesla Model S and this downgrade is a first. Just this August, they have given Tesla a rating of 103/100 in their performance grade, according to Washington Post.

Now, it has withdrawn its support. Critics think it’s definitely a big blow to the company’s reliability.

Consumer Reports, though, still thinks the Tesla Model S is the best car they have ever tested. But the result of their survey had to give in to the truth about the performance of the Model S when consumers use it for their everyday use.

Jake Fisher, the head of auto testing for Consumer Reports said in an interview “People are saying they love the car, but when we ask about how they’ve been holding up, we’re seeing some major issues, in things like the electric motors and charging system.”

It’s not the end of the world for Tesla owners and wannabe-owners though. The report says most of the problems were resolved by Tesla itself with no cost incurred by the owners. So they remain happy, content and 97% of those surveyed said they’d definitely buy a Tesla car again.

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