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Construction Man Turns Trash Into A Fitness Gym At The Beach

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Construction Man Turns Trash Into A Fitness Gym At The Beach

One construction man decided he would combine his love for the beach and dedication for fitness in order to create something for the good of the whole community. Using trash from the beach itself, Alcindo Soares created a gym on the shore where everyone can come and workout for free.

Soares is a construction worker with a passion and ambitious dream. He is hoping that some day, he could become a professional athlete. The problem, however, is that there is no place to train in his local community of Santa Maria in Cape Verde. “Santa Maria lacked a place where the local community could exercise,” Soares explained. At the same time, a regular gym is just not feasible for everyone. “A normal gym is just too expensive,
Soares remarked.

Soares transformed beach trash into a gym that everyone can use.

And so, Soares set out to undertake a project that no one in his community has ever attempted before. Using various debris and trash that washed up along the beach, Soares decided to start making his own exercise equipment. It did not take long before he got all the fitness equipment that he needed. He had his own version of pull-up bars, weights, bench and more. It’s safe to say that Soares is more than pleased with his creation. “For as long as I live, I’ll continue to use it. Train, then go swim in the ocean, and the day is complete,” Soares told Great Big Story.

At the same time, Soares had opened his makeshift gym to everyone. In fact, there no fees involved and everyone can come and use it as much as they want. It’s a great way to help Santa Maria’s residents stay fit. Meanwhile, it’s also a great way to help keep the Santa Maria beach clean. Soares loves this beach, after all, and he takes pride in keeping its shores unspoiled.

“I feel proud when I see Santa Maria’s clean beach,” Soares remarked. According to the Santa Aguila Foundation, as much as eight million metric tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans every year.

Today, Soares and everyone else in Santa Maria can workout and be happy knowing they had done their part in protecting the world’s beaches.

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