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Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz To Be Sued For Chaotic Presser

Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz To Be Sued For Chaotic Presser
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Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz To Be Sued For Chaotic Presser

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, who will renew their rivalry during UFC 202 on Saturday night, are facing lawsuits following their chaotic press conference on Wednesday, according to UFC president Dana White.

During the controversial presser in Las Vegas, McGregor and Diaz flung water bottles and cans at each other during a shouting match. According to White, one of those bottles or cans injured either a journalist or a public relations person seated in the audience.

Conor McGregor faces lawsuit

“The word is in this thing somebody was injured (during the presser) so there’s going to be a lawsuit. Who knows how it’s all going to play out. Somebody’s filing a lawsuit. The wheels are already in motion on it,” White told gossip website TMZ on Thursday.

In fact, White said that both fighters also face potential punishment from the Nevada State Athletic Commission for their unprofessional conduct.

“They’re both getting punished. What everybody’s got to understand is we’re overseen by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I guarantee both of these guys are gonna (going to) get massive fines and there’s probably going to be a hearing after the fight.

“There could be suspensions, community service, it’s gonna (going to) be ugly,” added White.

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Was it staged by UFC?

On Wednesday, the shouting match between McGregor and Diaz received extensive coverage in mainstream media outlets, with many speculating that it was a publicity stunt by the UFC to draw more eyeballs to the pay-per-view fight on Saturday.

However, White shot down those rumors, suggesting that the promoters don’t benefit from lawsuits which could negative affect the UFC. “It was 100-percent real. If you’re going to come up with something staged, throwing cans and bottles on a stage is probably one of the dumbest things you could come up with.

“It’s going to cost them both a lot of money, a lot of headache and hassle. They’re both in big trouble,” added White during his interview with TMZ (watch video below).

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