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Connecticut Plane Crash Intentional – Could Be An Act Of Terrorism, Report

Connecticut Plane Crash Intentional – Could Be An Act Of Terrorism, Report
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Connecticut Plane Crash Intentional – Could Be An Act Of Terrorism, Report

In a deadly plane crash in Connecticut late Tuesday afternoon, a Jordanian student pilot died on the spot after hitting a utility pole. The instructor, who was in the plane too, miraculously survived. Police suspect the accident to be “an intentional act”.

The victim, who has been identified as one Feras M. Freitekh of Hartford, was arguing with the instructor moments before the plane crash, a senior federal law enforcement official told NBC News. There is, however, no immediate evidence that the incident is linked to terrorism, the official said in his statement.

As reported by The Associated Press, a U.S. official associated with the investigation has come up with another theory that the crash could be an act of suicide.

“Unfortunately, this looks, at this point, like an individual who wanted to end his life and used this event to do it,” said the official.

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An initial search of Freitekh’s apartment was run by the police but no evidence of terrorism was found. The FBI still continues to search the apartment and an inspection of the victim’s electronic devices is underway. Both the National Transportation Safety Board and the FBI are part of the joint investigation, authorities said.

According to witnesses who spoke to The Courant, Freitekh plane struck a utility pole and wires of a residential East Hartford neighborhood, knocking out power of the entire colony, and causing a fire that engulfed the aircraft.

Authorities are now trying to determine as to who had the control of the plane when it crashed.

“Either of the two occupants at any time had the ability to take control of this plane,” said East Hartford police Lt. Joshua Litwin.

The wreckage of the Piper PA-34 Seneca plane crash has been removed on Wednesday afternoon. Also, Main Street has been partially opened on Wednesday night to the utter relief of the residents, The Courant reported.

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