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Conjoined At Birth, One Of The Twins Comes Home – ‘We Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Outcome’

Conjoined At Birth, One Of The Twins Comes Home – ‘We Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Outcome’
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Conjoined At Birth, One Of The Twins Comes Home – ‘We Couldn’t Have Asked For A Better Outcome’

Former conjoined twins, Conner and Carter Mirabal, said goodbye for the first time after Conner was released from the hospital and came back home.

After being conjoined for more than a year, one of Jacksonville twins was released from the hospital.

On Wednesday, Conner Mirabal was released after a year from Wolfson Children’s Hospital. He weighed 22 pounds. Conner’s twin brother, Carter Mirabal, remains under observation at the hospital. Carter weighs 16 pounds and is experiencing a slower recovery. Daily Mail reports doctors say that Carter is “thriving,” but there is some time before he can be released from the hospital.

Born in December 2014, the twins were conjoined along the abdomen. They had fused livers and a common small intestine. They underwent emergency surgery for a condition called omphalocele, which Medline Plus notes is a “birth defect in which an infant’s intestine or other abdominal organs are outside of the body because of a hole in the belly button (navel) area.” The twins underwent another procedure in early January, where it was discovered that their bile ducts were fused.

Upon Conner’s return, the father, Bryan Mirabal, said he couldn’t wait to spend time with his son. “It’s teaching time,” Mirabal said. “That’s the fun part, getting to be a dad.” When Conner was released from the hospital, it was the first time he was away from his brother. Michelle Brantley, mother of the twins, said that when Carter saw Conner “he started crying, but Conner was smiling at him and they were grabbing each other’s hands. I don’t think they quite understand that they’re brothers yet, but they’ll get there.”

On the Facebook page Prayers for Carter and Conner, Brantley wrote, “Carter and Conner are miracle babies, they continue to prove that to us each and every day! It’s hard to believe that we no longer have conjoined twins, we now simply have identical twin boys! They are doing extremely well for the circumstances. We’re not in the clear but so far everything is going well.”

Dr. Daniel Robie, of Nemours Children’s Specialty Care and Wolfson Children’s Hospital, told People, “We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. They’re doing very well now.”

Expressing her excitement over holding her babies separately for the first time, Brantley said, “They’re too fragile right now after their surgery but it’s going to be amazing. Hopefully we can go home soon and start our lives. It made this Mother’s Day beyond special.”

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