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Confirmed Apple Watch Features From Tim Cook Himself

Confirmed Apple Watch Features From Tim Cook Himself
Image from Flickr by Houang Stephane


Confirmed Apple Watch Features From Tim Cook Himself

Apple Watch by Houang Stephane

Image from Flickr by Houang Stephane

The Apple Watch will boast rounder icons, monitor heart rates, tap users’ wrists to remind them to exercise, replace car keys, and come with Apple Pay and a battery that will last the whole day, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms.

Apple has invited tech press to an Apple Watch event on 10 am, March 9, its invite called ‘Spring Forward.’

The Look of the Apple Watch

On Feb 27, Cook granted an exclusive interview with The Telegraph before visiting Apple’s Covent Garden store in London. Cook was wearing his Apple Watch and The Telegraph was lucky enough to steal a glance.

The much-awaited smartwatch has icons rounder than the ones found on an iPhone, The Telegraph said. From the looks of it, the first reason to buy the watch “will be as a fashion statement for the striking design.”

The Apple Watch will be correct to 50 milliseconds, and as soon as people get their first-hand experience with the phone, they will appreciate the device for being different from a traditional watch, Cook told the UK newspaper. The watch will also have the capability to filter messages allowing only important ones to appear on screen, such as family-related emergencies, Cook said.

Health Features

Cook confirmed that the Apple Watch will monitor heart rates and tap the user’s wrist when he or she has been sitting too much for the whole day. Basically, the watch can remind users to exercise when they are not getting enough physical activities.

The Apple Watch will also have a reward system in which users can amass credits through exercise. It will also come with metabolic targets adjusted to how much daily exercise goals the users accomplish. And yes, it can be worn insider the shower.

The Apple Pay, Replacing Car Keys and Battery Life

Without elaborating, Cook said the Apple Watch will replace car keys. The Telegraph is in view that the feature highlighted the possibility of an “Apple Car” in the near future.

The smartwatch will also come equipped with a battery that will last the whole day due to its extraordinary magnet technology.

Finally, Cook confirmed the Apple Pay and how safe the service will be. He said it will respect user privacy, though Apple has no idea about spending habits of consumers, what they are purchasing and how much they are spending for different products.

Flaunting It

Cook was already wearing his Apple Watch.

“I’m now so used to getting all my notifications and all my messages. It’s so incredible just to do this. This will be just like the iPhone: people wanted it and bought for a particular reason, perhaps for browsing, but then found out that they loved it for all sorts of other reasons,” Cook told The Telegraph.

Analysts Have Their Say

Meanwhile, analysts who have spoken with The New York Times are optimistic and skeptical about the Apple Watch.

Daniel Matte, an analyst for Canalys, predicted the Apple Watch to become the top-selling smartwatch in 2015. However, Toni Sacconaghi of Sanford C. Bernstein research thinks the device will not be a game-changer for Apple. He said it will only contribute minimally to Apple’s sales for this year, and predicted the company to ship 7.5 million of Apple Watch by mid-2015.

Tero Kuittinen of Frank N. Magid Associates and independent app developer David Barnard were both optimistic of the various apps inside the Apple Watch. Barnard said he is bullish on the long-term potential of the smartwatch but at the same time skeptical about people’s reactions to it.

“I really wonder exactly how I’m going to use it and how often I’m going to use it,” Barnard told The New York Times.

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