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Confederate Symbols Across America At The Center Of Controversy

Confederate Symbols Across America At The Center Of Controversy
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Confederate Symbols Across America At The Center Of Controversy

The Confederate symbols seen across America are now the center of criticism following Republican Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley’s move to remove the flag from the state capitol ground, according to the news.

What the Confederate flag symbolizes makes America divided. As politicians are now supporting its removal from certain government premises, the question arises on how much of the Confederate symbolism should be taken down.

The House of Representatives voted on June 23 allowing a discussion on the propriety of taking down the flag from the State House grounds. Senator John McCain from Arizona, also a Republican, echoed Haley’s initiative and remarked that Mississippi’s state flag must also be changed because it integrates some concepts of the controversial flag.

But upon the question of a reporter on whether other objects bearing the Confederate symbols must also suffer a similar circumstance such as the statue of Jefferson Davis, known to be a significant figure during the Civil War, the Republican senator took a step back.

“I am not sure about that,” McCain said, slowing down in his response.

“My forebearers fought in the Civil War on the Southern side. They fought for what they believed in, so I cannot go that far,” he continued his defense.

Meanwhile, another Republican Senator and the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, segued on the question and spoke instead about the existence of a statue of Davis in Kentucky’s Capitol.

“Davis’ sole connection to Kentucky is that he was born there. He subsequently moved to Mississippi and Kentucky, of course, did not succeed from the Union,” the Senator was quoted by CNN.

Jefferson Davis was, during the American Civil War, enthroned as the president of Confederate States of America and was a staunch holder of slaves.

The Statuary Hall collection houses statues contributed by American states but there are a handful found on display in some places of the Capitol Complex. Included in the collection is a statue of Alexander H. Stephens from Georgia and the Confederacy’s Vice-President.

Another known Confederate icon was Wade Hampton, a general hailing from South Carolina. His statue was on display within the Capitol complex. Enclosed in a crypt is General Robert E. Lee’s statue. The general in his prime time was in command of the Confederate army.

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