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Concert In Hammond Cut Off By Police After Chief Keef Performed Via Hologram

Concert In Hammond Cut Off By Police After Chief Keef Performed Via Hologram
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Concert In Hammond Cut Off By Police After Chief Keef Performed Via Hologram

Local police cut off a Saturday night concert in Hammond that featured 19-year-old Chief Keef through a hologram performance from California, reports say.

The promoters, who were warned several times that the Chicago rapper cannot perform in Hammond, were said to have violated the terms.

The concert was held during Craze Feet, Hammond’s hip-hop festival and the hologram appearance of Chief Keef, Keith Cozart in real life, though surprise, was not the first.

A week earlier, a similar event in a theater in Chicago was also shut down after the rapper was dubbed as “an unacceptable role model,” promoting violence with his music and even his performance through hologram can have “significant public safety risk,” a report form New York Times says.

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Craze Fest’s promoter Malcolm Jones told media a local police and a Mayor’s representative went to visit him on Saturday night before the concert began and asked if Chief Keef would be at the concert or if his music would be played or whether his voice would be played. Jones answered, “his music had been playing all night.”

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Jones also assured the authorities the controversial rapper “would not be featured onstage,” and after the concert was stopped because his hologram was displayed, he expressed frustration, saying “No one ever gave me a reason why they didn’t want the hologram to appear.”

“They did not have a real reason. They believed that it would start trouble, but the first thing Chief Keef said via hologram was: ‘Chicago, we need to stop the violence. Let our kids live,’” Jones, 22, narrated.

Keef’s music rose to fame during his early teen life and while serving a house arrest in 2011 for having been proven to have manufactured and sold heroin. His tender age benefited him as he was deemed “delinquent” instead of guilty.

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His first contract was with Interscope Records, then with 1017 Brick Squad. His issues with the justice system increase with his popularity, which gives him an image of a gangster, reports say.

Cozart had been ordered to a home confinement after he pointed a gun to a police officer. But after violating probation, he served prison time. He claimed he has changed and even held a “Stop the Killing” concert to raise funds for slain rapper, Marvin Carr, also from Chicago and for a 13-month old infant who died in relation to the shooting.





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