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Coming Soon: New Technology That Will Curb Car Crashes

Coming Soon: New Technology That Will Curb Car Crashes
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Coming Soon: New Technology That Will Curb Car Crashes

Researchers at Cornell and Stanford Universities are on the verge of introducing a technology that will curb car crashes. Using just head and body movements, the technology will be able to detect if the driver is about to take a turn or if he is about to change lanes.

The research was done by Cornell’s Ashutosh Saxena, who with his colleagues spent 1,200 miles driving along highways for 2 months.

The technology that tracks movement is assumed to tackle reckless and distracted driving. The detection that occurs early will be able to stop cars before they actually crash. According to a CNN Money report, the technology will be able to correctly predict 77.4% of driving maneuvers.

The system will warn the driver about the dangerous move they are about to make.

Deaths of teens in car crashes increase every year, with many of them still high school students.

The technology is still at its early phase, but it will be ready in a short while. Linda Smith of Harrison County said, “I think it would be a good thing because I have a teenager who drives and it could be much safer.”

There are some problems, though, that can make the technology go wrong. Shadows can be a hindrance, so there is possibility of including advanced camera system and other technology in the system.

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