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Comedian Slammed For Joking About Lindsay Lohan Domestic Violence

Comedian Slammed For Joking About Lindsay Lohan Domestic Violence
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Comedian Slammed For Joking About Lindsay Lohan Domestic Violence

A comedian has earned the ire of fans after joking about the domestic violence Lindsay Lohan reportedly suffered from fiancé Egor Tarabasov.

The 30-year-old “Freaky Friday” actress has been on the headlines recently after videos of her fights with her Russian boyfriend were caught on tape.

Despite the situation being sensitive, comedian Keith Lemon reportedly got the guts to make fun out of it.

According to Mirror UK, the 43-year-old TV star shared a snap of “The Parent Trap” star being grabbed by Egor Tarabasov on Twitter, along with the caption “Lindsay Lohan and her boyfriend rehearsing for Strictly. Good luck guys.”

This comment did not sit well with the fans.

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“What a shameful tweet,” one fan wrote. “You should be ashamed of making fun of domestic violence victims. #Pathetic. She’s human.”

Another pointed out that “A woman being physically assaulted by her boyfriend really shouldn’t be made into a joke.”

While the tweet has already been taken down by Lemon, the said post was reportedly still available on his Instagram account.

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On Saturday, Daily Mail shared some snaps of Lindsay Lohan in a “violent altercation” with Egor Tarabasov while on the beach of the Greek Island of Mykonos.

As she admitted that it was not the first time her fiancé hurt him, the actress-singer told the media outlet that “I realise now you can’t stay in a relationship just for love.”

“No woman can be hit and stay with that person if that person isn’t prepared to say sorry,” she continued.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Daily Mail said in a separate report that the “Speak” singer took to Instagram to share her “serene holiday selfie” after the controversy she got involved in.

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As the report suggested, Lindsay Lohan’s aura in the photos, particularly the one with a friend in Sardinia, showed “no visible sign of any upset etched on her face.”

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