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Comcast Outage Affects Customers Across US, Complaints Fill Social Media

Comcast Outage Affects Customers Across US, Complaints Fill Social Media
Picture from Comcast website


Comcast Outage Affects Customers Across US, Complaints Fill Social Media

Widespread Comcast outage, which affected several television and Internet accounts, elicited an onslaught of complaints from various parts of the country.

Thousands of customers were affected as a result of a widespread Comcast outage on Monday.

The outage, which primarily affected television and Internet customers, started at 6:20 a.m. MDT, as per the company’s website. As many as 400 complaints were reported within an hour. The hashtag #comcastoutage surfaced on Twitter soon after the outage struck several parts of the country.

While customers lost some of their channels, they kept some of their service. Some customers said they could not access any of the high-definition channels. Others reported their home phones lines were beeping, as reported by CNN, while some couldn’t use their Internet or Xfinity accounts. The definitive caused of the outage has not been determined yet.

On its website, Comcast said, “We have repaired the temporary network interruption that impacted some of our services this morning. Our engineers continue to work on this issue and almost all services have already been restored.”

Numerous posts surfaced on social media shortly after. Complaints came in from all parts of the country affected by the outage. On Monday, the company’s official customer service account was handling several complaints from unsatisfied customers.

Downdetector, which displays outage complaints from various parts of the country, showed a map of the areas that experienced power outage.

In an email to CNN, a Comcast spokesperson said, “It looks like it was a number of markets, but not all customers/not all services were impacted.” A customer service representative said that the outage could be attributed to transmission lines, adding that the company was “working on redirecting our feeds” and that “most areas are back up.”

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