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Comcast Expands Presence On Social Media To Handle Complaints

Comcast Expands Presence On Social Media To Handle Complaints
Image from Flickr by Mike Mozart


Comcast Expands Presence On Social Media To Handle Complaints


Image from Flickr by Mike Mozart

On Monday, Comcast Corp. has announced that it will be hiring more social media representatives as it seeks to enhance its presence on leading sites like Facebook, Twitter and other forums. The recruitment follows the company’s alleged reputation for providing inefficient and unresponsive customer service.

Various reports stated Comcast has been infamously known for name-calling customers, creating difficulties in service cancellations and requiring multiple visits, calls and emails to fix problems. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, after its rival Time Warner Cable, it has the worst customer service ranking.

Comcast will employ 40 more social media representatives, adding to their previous base of 20. These employees will provide assistance in a range of services, charting appointments to troubleshooting Internet problems. Complaints will be answered in 30 minutes.

Although 60 social media representatives don’t compare to the thousands under Comcast’s base, attending to people’s queries and complaints on social media is a strategy to enhance customer service.

According to CNN, the company has more than 73,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, its Xfinity Internet service has 5.9 million likes on Facebook.

Tom Karinshak, senior vice president of customer service for Comcast Cable, said the company has a “multiyear road map” to remedy its problems, and “still has a lot of work left to do.”

He also said the company, in order to further improve its customer service, will give more appointment hours in evenings and weekends and reduce the number of service trips made by technicians to fix problems.

According to ABC News, Comcast had spent $2.21 billion on customer service last year.

Comcast is also developing an application that will allow customers to keep track of the technician making the service trip in addition to showing a picture of the technician.


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