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Colorado Explosive Case: 64-year-old Elderly David Ansberry Arrested

Colorado Explosive Case: 64-year-old Elderly David Ansberry Arrested
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Colorado Explosive Case: 64-year-old Elderly David Ansberry Arrested

A 3-feet-tall man has been arrested by the Nederland Police in connection with planting an explosive device in a shopping area in Nederland, Colorado. The accused has been identified as one David Michael Ansberry, 64, from San Rafael, California.

Police nabbed the suspect in Chicago, Illinois over the weekend as he was getting off a plane at Midway Airport.

As reported by the Associated Press, a surveillance video that captured him at the store where he bought the cellphone used as a trigger to detonate the explosives helped the cops identify the perpetrator.

It has been alleged that the 64-year-old planted a homemade explosive device outside Boulder County Sherriff’s Office, which happens to be in a busy shopping complex in Nederland, Colorado.

Ansberry tried several times to detonate the explosive device remotely using a cellphone, but failed, as recorded in the court documents released on Monday.

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Ansberry, who was charged with a federal explosives count by the US Justice Department was easily recognizable because of his height (3 ft. 6 in.) and the ponytail that he wore, including a ball cap and crutches, reported CBS Denver.

A man matching the suspect’s description was spotted by the Nederland police chief as a hotel was being evacuated during the October 11 bomb scare.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the culprit currently faces charges of attempting to destroy a building or property by means of fire or explosives. Upon conviction, Ansberry is likely to face a minimum of 5-year-jail-term which can go up to 20, including a $250,000 fine.

No attorney has been appointed for Ansberry, as per court records. The relatives of the accused have not returned calls or emails as of yet seeking comment.

“The community knows there has been an arrest, and that goes to calming people’s fears,” said Alisha Reis, an administrator for the town. “But folks are still confused as to why it occurred. Who is this person? And why would he have done it here?”

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