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College Grad Gets Job Offer While In The Middle Of Graduation Ceremony

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College Grad Gets Job Offer While In The Middle Of Graduation Ceremony

Melanie Sanchez was attending her commencement exercises at the University of Central Florida on Friday when her phone unexpectedly rang. Luckily she decided to take the call because it turned out to be a job offer.

The moment was unexpected. Sanchez was dressed in her graduation robe and was waiting for her turn to receive her diploma. Suddenly, the 23-year-old realized her cell phone was ringing. Sanchez looked at who was calling her and immediately recognized the number. It belongs to a company who she interviewed for earlier in the week. As the call came, Sanchez thought real hard about what to do next.

Sanchez wondered if she should take the call for a moment.

“I either don’t answer it and I don’t know what could happen, like what if they give the job to someone else,” Sanchez told Inside Edition. “I don’t know. I was just kinda like freaking out.”

As her phone continued to ring though, Sanchez knew what she had to do. “So I was like, ‘You know what? This is a once in a lifetime chance, so I’m just gonna answer it real quickly,'” she explained. What happened next changed her life.

“At first she asks me, is this a good time to speak? And I said, yeah, of course. Meanwhile, you hear people clapping and screaming in the background,” the graduate recalled. ” She just says, ‘So, we’re calling because I want to let you know that we want to offer you the position.’ So, that was when I was reacting. My friend got it all on tape.”

In fact, the video of Sanchez cheering with the delight has now become an online viral sensation. As you can expect, she accepted the offer and she’s now set to become a marketing specialist for a health care company in Florida.

Today, Sanchez is thankful to her university for preparing her for the rest of life. At the same time, she also extends her heartfelt appreciation to her professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. “I learned so much through that pledging process. It molded me to become this professional,” Sanchez told ABC News.

Meanwhile, Sanchez is set to start in her new job on May 15.

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