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Colin Kaepernick May Leave 49ers, New Contract Revealed – Report

Colin Kaepernick May Leave 49ers, New Contract Revealed – Report
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Colin Kaepernick May Leave 49ers, New Contract Revealed – Report

The San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick probably won’t be needing each other after the upcoming 11 games.

Beginning Sunday, Kaepernick against the Buffalo Bills, gets his chance to prove that he could still be an eligible quarterback in the NFL.

As on Tuesday, Chip Kelly, the coach has put it to get through a needed shakeup, “one of the only maneuvers we can make,” while announcing the decision to drop Blaine Gabbert to start Colin Kaepernick.

The rocky relationship seems to come to an end for Colin Kaepernick. According to USA Today, Kaepernick’s agents and the San Francisco 49ers have started to work on a restructured contract, which when signed after finalising, will make him in March a free agent.

The anonymous source even added that Kaepernick’s existing pack of the last three years would be deleted once the new deal is implemented.

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The rest of the season would automatically become void or null if 7 days before the 2017 league year he still remains on the roster. The new contract will be converting the roster bonuses per game of $125,000 to assured salary. It will also be adding upto $1 million this season as playing-time incentives.

This would ensure that the 28 year old, would make $14.3 million at least, leaving an opportunity to earn more if he is being able to keep the job.

For the next season, Kaepernick would have to give up an 8-figure injury assurance in order to be freed from his rest of the long term deal. Kelly on Tuesday said, “Physically he is not where he was pre-injury”, and added, “Before that, he was a little bit bigger, a little bit faster, a little bit stronger. He will admit that. He’s worked as hard as anybody I’ve been around in terms of his rehab.” Kaepernick had been recovering from   thumb, knee and shoulder surgeries, due to a tired throwing arm for which he had to go through load of training camp

Kelly even said that this decision to move him was a football decision, and added, that there have been no talks with him about the contract nor will he speak to him about it. Kaepernick’s protest against social and racial inequality has taken a hold throughout the league.

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According to NFL, Rex Ryan, the head coach, has said that he understood the national anthem protest of Kaepernick’s and asked his players to stand be one as “a way of showing respect for the men and women who have served our country and are currently serving our country and that’s kind of how I look at it.”

As of now, Kaepernick is most likely to be seen in a different uniform in the near future, whereas the Niners are concentrating on the present.

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