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Colin Kaepernick Dead: NFL Star Murdered Over National Anthem Controversy

Colin Kaepernick Dead: NFL Star Murdered Over National Anthem Controversy
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Colin Kaepernick Dead: NFL Star Murdered Over National Anthem Controversy

Murdered by another celebrity death hoax that is.

Death hoaxes are not new on the internet and has targeted few of the greatest celebrities of the time. This time it is Colin Kaepernick, the controversial NFL star who refused to rise from his seat while the National Anthem was being played before a match.

Channel 7 reported earlier this week that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was found dead in his Alameda County home. The rumours, reportedly, started Tuesday morning after a coroner’s van was spotted outside the house.

Although no foul play was suspected in the death of the NFL star, the police retrieved two guns and a large amount of narcotics from the house. According to the website, the death could be a result of the humiliation Kaepernick has been facing following his refusal to stand for the National Anthem as a mark of protest against the racial oppression of the African- American people in the country.

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“While some celebrities and pundits have endorsed Kaepernick’s decision, the majority of responses have been negative,” the report said. “Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, said that the quarterback might ‘want to find a new country,’ and long-time 49’ers fans burned his jersey in protest.”

The Channel 7 report used an image of a coroner’s van waiting outside Kaepernick’s home and according to a report by the However, the image was connected to an unrelated crime in 2011.

Moreover, the news was not carried by any of the credible news outlets. But, the news gained traction by using the call letters of legitimate news outlet as well as the design elements of the other popular regional affiliates.

Also, Kaepernick lives in San Jose and his training facility is in Santa Clara. Both these places are in Santa Clara County and not Almeda County. The Channel 7 article said that the footballer was found dead at his house in Almeda County.

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