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Cold War 2.0: Syria, The Battleground For Hegemony

Cold War 2.0: Syria, The Battleground For Hegemony
From President of Russia CC BY 4.0


Cold War 2.0: Syria, The Battleground For Hegemony

The Middle East has been a battle ground since terrorist groups like the ISIS trampled over the area and launched attacks across the globe. However, the war may not just be against ISIS to usher in a new situation but it may also have something to do with hegemony and control of the area.

In a new report from the Jerusalem Post, a closer examination of what the United States and Russia did in Syria reveals alarming patterns closely similar to the Cold War.

The report also said the Russian military appears to want to fight alone, unilaterally. The Russian coalition has the Assad regime, Iran and Hezbollah rallying beside it. The goal of the coalition is to fight Syrian opposition threatening the Assad regime.

Essentially, Russia is trying to become a standing superpower. As the report stated: “The war in Syria enables President Putin to unite his people for war and, in so doing, to divert their focus from the collapsing Russian economy.

The conflict in the Middle East is part of the global Russian struggle to revive global dominance. These efforts began in Georgia, spread to Ukraine, and now, to Syria.”

The situation in Syria is of convoluted one. Both U.S. and Russia, of which relations had been worse since the Ukraine crisis erupted not to mention that they are old time foes since the Cold War era, are involved in the fight against the ISIS.

The two nations had been avoiding direct confrontation but as Russia joined the fight against ISIS in support of president Bashar al-Assad, miscalculations are imminent.

Russia is targeting all terrorist organizations fighting Mr. Assad – including Pentagon-trained Syria oppositions.

The Pentagon, on the other hand, had been training Syrian oppositions that constitute the New Syrian Forces fighting the Assad regime.

If Russia is targeting groups fighting against President al-Assad, then the situation is tantamount to Russia and U.S. conducting strikes against each other.

U.S. has the responsibility to protect the U.S.-backed Syrian opposition.

To make matters worse, Turkey, a strong US and NATO ally, downed a Russian bomber in November. Turkey has also been conducting airstrikes against the ISIS in support of the US-led coalition.

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