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Cold War 2.0: Is Russia Undermining Decades-long Agreement With US?

Cold War 2.0: Is Russia Undermining Decades-long Agreement With US?
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Cold War 2.0: Is Russia Undermining Decades-long Agreement With US?

Russia is making waves across the globe as the country finds itself entangled in a series of tensions spanning from the Asia Pacific, Middle East to Europe. Now, the United States is accusing the country of dismantling security and arms control agreements in Europe which were in effect following the Cold War. Will Russia be at the center of a new Cold War?

Frank Rose, assistant secretary for arms control, said that Russia is seeing parts of the agreement as week.

“My personal view is that Russia no longer sees value in that architecture put in place at the end of the cold war,” Financial Times quoted Rose. To draw his point, Rose also pointed to how Russia tested its medium-range ballistic missiles and withdrew from a conventional weapons agreement.

“They are slowly but surely taking out the key building blocks of the Euro-Atlantic architecture put in place in the late 80s and 1990s.” Rose added.

Moreover, it can be noted that Russia’s intervention in eastern Ukraine is also impeding US diplomatic interaction. Aside from Russia’s questionable actions in Europe, the country is also in the middle of skepticism as US officials say that Moscow is maintaining its military presence in Syria. This is against what President Vladimir Putin announced about withdrawing forces. According to ABC, Russia kept over two dozen of its military aircraft in Syria. The country is also linked to sending more military equipment to its base in the region as opposed to what it was taking home.

US officials remain concerned about Russia’s true intentions in the region.

“What we really need the Russians to do is to advance the political solution,” said Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

“They have unique leverage there because of their relationship with the Syrian regime. And what we really need is an end to the Civil War.”

“I hope that’s where the weight of the Russian effort lies,” added Carter.

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