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Cold War 2.0: Russia Mocks Pentagon’s Guided-missile Destroyer

Cold War 2.0: Russia Mocks Pentagon’s Guided-missile Destroyer
USS Zumwalt National Museum of the U.S. Navy/Flickr CC 1.0


Cold War 2.0: Russia Mocks Pentagon’s Guided-missile Destroyer

Russia and the United States have been engaged in a war of words as both countries accuse each other of aggression and provocation. Recent incidents put Russia mocking the West’s destroyer while a new take also suggest that such tensions between the two countries could turn dangerous.

Russia military experts have reportedly been mocking the U.S. Navy’s next generation guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt. As it was noted previously, the destroyer is supposedly largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer in U.S. naval history. However, a number of people have an opinion about it.

“With an annual defense budget of over $600 billion, the Pentagon can take the liberty of conducting various kinds of experiments, including spending $4.4 billion on a single destroyer. By comparison, one US [Virginia-class] nuclear submarine, the newest in the fleet, costs about $2.2 billion. In other words, they used the budget for two nuclear subs to build one Zumwalt. What can be said? Americans love grandiose projects which sometimes go beyond the scope of reason,” explained a prominent Russian military analyst to Russian state-owned media outlet Radio Sputnik.

However, another military expert from Russia told Sputnik Radio that the United States may only be exaggerating about the capabilities of the ship. According to the official, Americans have resulted to “exaggerated characterization” of the Zumwalt. When it comes to innovation, the ship is interesting especially when looking at the types of weapons, control system and power plant.

“But taken altogether, this does not turn the destroyer into a super-menacing weapon. This is a floating supercomputer with missiles…It doesn’t alter the balance of forces,” the official said, as reported by The Diplomat.

While tensions seem to be high with some politicians and analysts comparing the scenario close to the Cold War, a Reuters commentary says that it might not really be the case. The existing tensions between Russia and US do not follow the same ideological component that persisted during the Cold War.

There is also a lacking global component to the tension. However, this is not to say that the situation is not dangerous. There are still some risks to the situation and the two countries should work protocols especially concerning military interactions to establish which is allowable or not. Battles should also be chosen carefully.

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