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Cold War 2.0 Alert! UK Berates Russia, US Military Spending Increases in Europe

Cold War 2.0 Alert! UK Berates Russia, US Military Spending Increases in Europe
Meeting on Russia’s Armed Forces actions in SyriaPresident of Russia / Website cc by 4.0


Cold War 2.0 Alert! UK Berates Russia, US Military Spending Increases in Europe

The United Kingdom and Russia are berating over the latter’s air campaign in Syria. The war of words has escalated with Britain reacting with sarcasm over Russia’s accusations of “dangerous disinformation.” Furthermore, the United States has also jumped into the pool, increasing is military spending for Europe in light of Russian aggression.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has called out Russia on its air campaigns in Syria. The official has reacted following Moscow’s allegations that he has been providing misleading information about the said matter.

“Until a couple of months ago there was a steady trickle of people returning to their homes in Syria from this camp despite what’s going on in the country. But that has now stopped and a new tide of refugees is heading in this direction because of the Russian bombing,” Euro News quoted Hammond. “Russia cannot continue to sit at the table as a sponsor of a political process and at the same time be bombing the civilian areas of the groups of people that we believe will form the backbone of the new Syria once Assad is gone,” he added.

Russian officials countered with the disinformation accusations as Hammond linked the bombing campaign to possible civil far and further refugee crisis. Sky News informed Hammond of Russia’s response to which the official said: “I must be pretty spot on then.” Hammond’s statement is considered the most forthcoming from a British government minister since Moscow commenced its Syrian airstrikes.

The United States is seemingly on UK’s side as the country just hiked it military spending in Europe, according to The Telegraph. According to US Defense Secretary, the increased investment is part of the nation’s “strong and balanced approach” to fight Russian aggression.

“We must demonstrate to potential foes that if they start a war, we have the capability to win,” explained American Defense Secretary Ash Carter. “We’re taking a strong and balanced approach to deter Russian aggression,” the official said during his speech to the Economic Club of Washington. “We haven’t had to worry about this for 25 years, and while I wish it were otherwise, now we do,” he added.

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