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Coco Austin Expecting First Child With Rapper Ice-T – ‘I’ve Been Pregnant For A While’

Coco Austin Expecting First Child With Rapper Ice-T – ‘I’ve Been Pregnant For A While’
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Coco Austin Expecting First Child With Rapper Ice-T – ‘I’ve Been Pregnant For A While’

Rapper and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Ice-T and his wife Nicole “Coco” Austin confirmed the latter’s pregnancy on Monday.

In a phone interview with Fox 5, Austin said, “I’ve been pregnant for a while, but we’ve been holding it between us for some time.” The couple also shared the news on Twitter.

The duo will feature in the upcoming talk show, “Ice & Coco,” set to premier on August 3.

“It was a really awesome moment. I cried,” she said at the taping of the show on July 24. “It was a nice feeling to know that the world knows and I don’t have to hide it.”

According to Daily Mail, the two got married on Dec 31, 2007. Owing to their three-season reality show, “Ice Loves Coco,” the couple have had a very public marriage.

“Ice and I are very organized. We keep a list of what we need to do, and right now having a baby is next on the life list!” Coco told In Touch. “I’m prenataling it with vitamins and everything to get my body prepared.” She added, “I always told myself that when I turned 35, I would start thinking about a baby.”

Austin said that she will document her first pregnancy on “Ice & Coco” this summer. “[We’ll share] all the juicy details: How far along I am, the gender,” she said. “It wasn’t a big deal. It was actually shocking how easily it happened.

“It’s beautiful how life actually works. Now that I have a little thing inside of me moving around, it’s amazing.”

Ice-T, whose real name is Tracy Marrow, won a Grammy in 1991 for Back On The Block. He and his group, Body Count, released O.G. Original Gangsta the same year.

Ice-T got the role of Detective Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola in the second season of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit;” a character he has played since.

According to E! Online, it is Austin’s first child and Ice-T’s third. He has had two children from his previous relationships.


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