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Coca-Cola Works To Fund Well-Being Projects Around The World, Among Others

Coca-Cola Works To Fund Well-Being Projects Around The World, Among Others
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Coca-Cola Works To Fund Well-Being Projects Around The World, Among Others

Coca-Cola has just announced that its Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded as much as $26.2 million to about 74 community organizations in the U.S. and all over the world. These organizations promote certain causes, including well-being, the environment, women’s empowerment and clean water supply.

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The Coca-Cola Foundation Chair and Global Community Affairs Vice President Lisa M. Borders says that Coca-Cola believes strongly in being able to offer support in communities where the company is present. And with regard to presence, Coca-Cola is currently operating in over 200 countries.

The Coca-Cola Foundation has given as much as $12.2 million to organizations that support well-being through promoting an active lifestyle, education, youth development along with HIV/AIDS initiatives. Meanwhile, $9.3 million has been given in support of organization who work on water and environmental initiatives. At the same time, the foundation gave a total of $2.3 million each to organizations that promote women empowerment and community improvement programs. And lastly, $1 million was given to organizations that support disaster relief.

Promoting “Active Healthy Living”

One of the biggest recipients of The Coca-Cola Foundation this year is the Sağlıklı Hayatı Teşvik ve Sağlık Politikaları Derneği in Turkey that promotes an active lifestyle. The said organization received $1.1 million.

Meanwhile, sports fitness is also well supported this year as the Coca-Cola Foundation provided funds to German Sports Youth, German Olympic Sports Confederation in Germany, Centre National pour les Développement du Sport in France, Fundacja Aktywności Fizycznej i Zdrowia (Wake Your Body Program) in Poland, Swedish Swimming Federation in Sweden and Girls on the Fun International in the U.S.

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The message is pretty clear. Keep moving. Keep healthy.

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