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CNN Rolls Out CNNx that Allows Users to be ‘News Directors’

CNN Rolls Out CNNx that Allows Users to be ‘News Directors’


CNN Rolls Out CNNx that Allows Users to be ‘News Directors’

CNN Rolls Out CNNx that Allows Users to be 'News Directors'The way we access news on a daily basis is about to change again. CNN, the 24-hour news cable channel, has rolled out a new mobile product specifically for people who prefer to go through the tail end of any news on TV, missing most of the meatier bits. It is called CNNx.

The company describes its newest product as a ‘new experience’ for app users. It has rolled out CNNx as an update that comes free to the official iPad app of CNN. CNNx facilitates scrolling through CNN’s 24-hour worth of TV news coverage.

Contrary to what many users may instantly think, the new product is not like TEDx, which presents news through a 30-minute presentation. Through CNNx, users could be their own ‘news directors,’ who have the power and freedom to pick the content that they are most interested in.

News related content

CNNx is for those who are looking for specific programs or segments. Because it is an app, it is flooded with all types of content that can be related to whatever its user is currently viewing. The non-video area features links to related articles or broadcasts, social media snippets, images, and so much more.

According to senior vice president and general manager KC Estension, CNNx is like future-proofing CNN. She said the new product comes as the online media crashes with TV. She added that it can boost the company’s relationship with its TV partners and open more incredible new opportunities for its advertisers. Logically, CNN thinks CNNx would deliver consumers with a new innovative news access experience.

Current limitations

However, for now, CNNx requires active subscription to a TV provider to be able to facilitate viewing of content. CNN aims to expand the list of those cooperating providers, which now currently include Cox, DirecTV, and Verizon FiOS.

The news company also plans to roll out CNNx to set-top boxes as well as to its own As of press time, CNN has not mentioned any plan to introduce its latest service to Android devices and to other mobile gadgets. But we may still expect it to consider rolling out versions of CNNx in other portals so it can possibly reach out to more news consumers worldwide. 

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