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CNN and Twitter Collaborate for News Alert System for Journalists

CNN and Twitter Collaborate for News Alert System for Journalists


CNN and Twitter Collaborate for News Alert System for Journalists

CNN and Twitter Collaborate for News Alert System for JournalistsMany people nowadays get news from social media sites like Twitter. That is because other users tweet about latest happenings and incidences in their vicinities. Now, CNN wants to exploit that and turn Twitter into a useful resource for gathering news as it happens.

The cable news organization and the microblogging Website has teamed up to develop a special alert system that would be most useful to journalists. The two would also collaborate with social media data analytics startup Dataminr for the project.

‘Dataminr for News’ would be another feature in Twitter that would be aimed at journalists and news gatherers. It is being developed to bridge any gap between newsroom reports andreal-time Twitter posts.

Beta version

CNN reporters are already testing the beta version of Dataminr for News. To date, that program is already integrated into daily workflow of all of them. The program runs algorithms to help easily and quickly identify interesting and credible breaking news stories. It also helps them to quickly identify and find credible information sources.

In a statement, Vivian Schiller, Head of News at Twitter, said it is a real challenge to find valuable tweets across the online site. It is estimated that over 500 million tweets are posted each day worldwide. The site has always been a venue for news breaks. It would logically be a challenge to easily locate those tweets that can possibly be basis for actual news reports and leads.

Speedy news gathering

Dataminr for News is ideally aimed at helping journalists cut the time they spend for scrolling down though insignificant tweets. It surfaces trending and important news. Users would also be able to
easily set up notifications (similar to Google Alert) for breaking news that could possibly be delivered through the mobile app, pop-up messages, instant messages, and email.

For its part, CNN also released its statement about this project. CNN Digital general manager KC Estenson said the company is happy to work with Dataminr. The executive said this Dataminr for News could possibly reshape news gathering online.

The new service is set to be available to almost all news agencies in the world by next year. The three companies would still set a formal announcement over the exact rollout date of the event. Analysts think that the new feature or product would someday be crucial for news gathering. 

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