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Club Exclusive To Beautiful People Opening in L.A. – How To Get In

Club Exclusive To Beautiful People Opening in L.A. – How To Get In
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Club Exclusive To Beautiful People Opening in L.A. – How To Get In

If you think you’re ‘gorgeous’ or ‘beautiful’, this newly-opened bar in LA is made just for you. But if you’re not, just don’t try attempt entering the bar to save yourself from humiliation.

Greg Hodge, the owner of this rather peculiar bar in downtown LA aimed to provide gorgeous and beautiful people a ‘safe place’ away from the sight of ugly onlookers. The bar is called Beautiful People and it is a ‘members only’ bar that specifically caters to physically attractive people.

Beautiful People Bar

In one of his interviews with the Personal Space, Hodge said he drew inspiration in creating the bar from a dating site of the same name that also exclusively caters to physically attractive people. The dating site provides a platform for beautiful people to connect with other beautiful people, the website briefer reads.

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“The fundamental principal of human nature is that we all initially at least want to be with someone we’re attracted to. I certainly believe beauty is in the eye of beholder, but the biggest problem with the online market is people being disingenuous in their profiles. We give an accurate representation of what it is we have,” Hodge told the Personal Space.

Beauty Police

To ensure that the bar keeps its main spirit, a Beauty Police is stationed at the bar’s door to screen the entering crowd. In the case that a bar member tags along an ‘ugly’ companion, that person has to go through the meticulous inspection of the Beauty Police.

But just like in any other bar, there are exceptions to this main rule. Hodge said guests may enter even if they are deemed ‘ugly’ by the BP if they are filthy rich. Well, this may sound ridiculous, but this bar is in fact real.

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