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Clown Sightings Record In Alabama, Colorado, Florida, More States

Clown Sightings Record In Alabama, Colorado, Florida, More States
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Clown Sightings Record In Alabama, Colorado, Florida, More States

In what can only be described as a scene from a horror movie, creepy clown sightings have been reported across multiple states. The sightings have been steadily increasing leading residents in these areas to wonder what’s really going on.

So far 17 states have been affected by rise of terror clowns. These are namely Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Most of these cases were merely kids playing pranks on unwary passersby or people just wearing costumes. There are however, a few violent incidents involving people dressed as clowns.

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According to, two high school students were arrested in Alabama for making a clown video that threatened violence. At least nine clown-related arrests were made in the state including a 10-year old who was making clown threats.

In Mississippi a clown was reportedly spotted wielding a machete. The individual later ran away after police patrol arrived and was not arrested. Clown sightings were also to blame for a wreck on Highway 469 according to one Rankin County driver.

Schools Lock Down Amid Reports Of Clown Sightings

In Georgia, children reportedly claimed that clowns were deliberately trying to lure them to wooded areas. Clown reports later led to four arrests in the state and prompted one middle school to implement a soft lockdown.

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In Pennsylvania a high school student was reportedly stabbed and killed after getting into a fight with someone wearing a clown mask. Students of York College also reported seeing students dressed as clowns on and off campus some of whom were believed to be carrying arms.

A robbery in Tennessee was reportedly carried out by two men one of whom was wearing a clown mask. Threats made on social media also lead two Nashville schools to temporarily go into lockdown.

In Ohio, a woman was reportedly assaulted by someone dressed as a clown. The assailant later went on and threatened the students at the Reading Community School District.

Mount Notre Dame High School was temporarily closed due to it sharing the same parking lot with the Reading Community School District. The school later reported that the unidentified assailant is still at large.

The whole clown sightings trend began in 2014 when people in America and Europe began dressing up as clowns to scare strangers. This got out of hand that police in France issued warnings about mobs of clowns and groups of vigilantes going after them.

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