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Clown Sightings Oregon: Two Masked Men Arrested For Chasing Kids Outside A School

Clown Sightings Oregon: Two Masked Men Arrested For Chasing Kids Outside A School
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Clown Sightings Oregon: Two Masked Men Arrested For Chasing Kids Outside A School

Clown sightings were also found in Oregon. Two men pretending to be clowns have been arrested in two different sides of the state. It has been reported that the incident caused uproar to citizens particularly students.

In Portland, a 55-year old man was seen outside a school on Oct. 6 (Wednesday). David Dahlman was wearing a clown suit with boxing gloves. Dahlman was reportedly throwing air punches outside the school window facing the kids.

Since the children were very frightened by his eerie punches, Floyd Light, middle school’s assistant principal, went outside to approach him and try to talk to him but Dahlman only caused violence by threatening him. The school administrator managed to save himself by running away and called the police immediately.

Dahlman tried to escape by running away but still got arrested and charged with a second degree Menacing Disorderly Conduct after he was found in a mobile home park. According to the officers in charge, Dahlman walked his grandchildren to the school bus stop wearing a clown outfit before making a scene.

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Meanwhile, in South Oregon, another man was detained for both trespassing in a high school private property in Central Point and Medford on a Wednesday night.

Michael Richards, 21, reportedly held a sign which says “We Are Here” while dressed in a clown suit. Richards is now in jail due to disorderly conduct and trespassing charges.


The Central Point Police Department confirmed this in a Facebook post.


The increasing number of clown sightings in multiple states make people feel terrified. There has been a lot of commotion because of these clowns, and even the students are witnessing this, though it seems sketchy that these incidents involve mostly pranksters who do not mind having charges because of their actions. These clown attacks are being used by tactical jokers to take advantage of people’s paranoia.

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