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CloudLock Launches Selective Encryption System for Cloud Security

CloudLock Launches Selective Encryption System for Cloud Security


CloudLock Launches Selective Encryption System for Cloud Security

Cloud platforms have always been vulnerable to security threats mainly because of their architecture that makes them more like an “Anything-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform.

There have been a plethora of researches and professional of the Cloud computing platforms are working restlessly to mine out the cross platform independence within the cloud platform which can ensure stable cloud connection across different platforms. Among these start-ups and professional entities in the industry, CloudLock has been the most prominent pioneer which has rolled out many products and services for beefing up the security of the Distributed, Cross Platform Cloud structures.

It was only a month ago when CloudLock announced that it had raised $16.5 million in Series C funding led by Bessemer Venture Partners, bringing its total funding to $28.2 million. Today, the impeccable Cloud service has launched ‘Selective Cloud Encryption Service’ which will make sure to select and secure the Cloud traffic based on the calculations by the intelligent algorithms meshed at the back end servers. The service will basically deplete the efforts of the Cloud engineers to keep a constant eye on the Cloud support systems. Cloud selective encryption service will detect and apply unbreakable encryption intelligently. For example, it will apply encryption of Sales records, Health records, Bank records and other most sensitive database systems worldwide.

According to CloudLock, there will be security encryption application at two main points: and Google Apps. These two points are considered as most sensitive and sloppy points which can always be exploited by the penetration techniques. The Selective encryption service will go live next week in the RSA Conference taking place in San Francisco. Cloud traffic is expected to reach a total of 7.7 Zettabytes, or two-thirds of global data center traffic, by 2017which can make the security threats ballooned up as more and more enterprises and corporate level entities migrate towards the Cloud.

The intelligent mesh of security measures such as CloudLock new selective encryption service will definitely jangle the claims of the anti-Cloud touts made around the world which even rumored the cut of Cloud platform from the mainstream industry soon. CloudLock says that it has all the plans for expanding its security channel in the cross platform domains of the distributed computing so that intelligent encryption algorithms can expand and nurture more ways for the Cloud security.

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