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Clinton Seeks Overhaul Of Voting Rights, Democrat Allies Assail New Voter Rule

Clinton Seeks Overhaul Of Voting Rights, Democrat Allies Assail New Voter Rule
Hillary in Lorain today Rona Proudfoot / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Clinton Seeks Overhaul Of Voting Rights, Democrat Allies Assail New Voter Rule

Democrat forerunner Hillary Clinton steps up further in her campaign by asserting expanded voting rights for Americans with her proposal of a 20-day earlier voting time in each state. According to Clinton’s campaign outline, the Democrat presidential hopeful will deliver a speech at Texas Southern University in Houston on Thursday, where she will present her plans on proposing a few policies protecting voter’s rights, including decreasing queueing time at precincts, and safeguarding access to voter registration online.

Also included on her proposal is to allow former convicts to cast their votes and to urge the Congress for re-enactment of Voting Rights Act which was abolished in 2013 by the Supreme Court.

Republicans Pushing On Onerous Voting Requirements

Part of Clinton’s speech which will be closely monitored by Afro-Americans and Hispanics who were significant in sending U.S. President Barack Obama to the White House, is to accuse Republican rivals of supporting new state laws on voting that according to Clinton are onerous and a threat to democracy.

Also on her speech outline for Thursday, the former first lady will criticize point by point new laws requiring presentment of a government-issued identification document, which for her is “disproportionately hurting” young voters and the minorities who have the tendency to vote the Democrat candidates.

A few of her Republican rivals whose states have laws imposing more requirements in voting include former Governor Rick Perry from Texas, former Governor Jeb Bush from Florida and Governor Scott Walker from Wisconsin.

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Democrats Waging Legal Battle On Voter Rules

Seventeen months before the momentous Presidential Election Day in 2016, Clinton’s Democrats allies are paving the way for a Democrat to remain in the White House as they lodged their first lawsuit in Wisconsin and Ohio, assailing the recent enactment of laws restricting voter access. These two states are known to be “presidential battleground.”

The lawsuit questioned the validity of voting measures such as imposing voter’s identification requirement, time restrictions implemented on an early voting scheme which, according to the allies will encumber casting of votes before the Election Day. A rule declaring ballots nullified when cast in wrong precincts was also being assailed.

Last year, the same lawsuit was instituted in North Carolina and the New York Times reports the Democrats believe such pre-emptive legal offensive may also start in Nevada, Georgia and Virginia.

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