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Climate Change Hoax: Donald Trump Demands NASA To Focus On Mars Exploration

Climate Change Hoax: Donald Trump Demands NASA To Focus On Mars Exploration
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Climate Change Hoax: Donald Trump Demands NASA To Focus On Mars Exploration

Climate change hoax? Donald Trump wants NASA to forget about the climate change issue. The President-elect calls it a hoax and asks the organization to concentrate on Mars exploration.

The next occupant of White House in January, Trump has been dismissive to the issue of man-made global warming. The billionaire calls climate change a hoax.

This is not new. Before the election, he said, “Obama thinks it’s the number one problem of the world today. And I think it’s very low on the list.”

Donald Trump: Climate Change Hoax?

According to Express, Trump is not a believer and will never be one until somebody proves something. He believes that weather changes up and down and it is natural.

Environmentalists believe that the businessman will change his mentality once he gets into the office. But Trump still continues to maintain his tact. Reports have it that he will call on NASA to lower their focus on global warming.

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Trump wants NASA to stick to their other prime target – space exploration. U.S. is determined to get to Mars. Outgoing President Barrack Obama made a statement previously that the nation should accomplish this by 2030. Bob Walker an adviser to Trump said, “We see NASA in an exploration role, in deep space research.”

Walker also implied that there is doubt in the minds of Trump’s team that the climate change is due to human intervention. He believes that good science is needed to tell us the reality. But politicians should not interfere.

Evidence of life on Mars found!

Regardless if Trump thinks NASA is being too slow in its Mars exploration, evidence shows that the agency is working as hard on this.

Evidence that there is life on Mars has been found through a NASA’s Spirit Rover’s image. Scientists have reviewed some images taken by NASA’s Curiosity Rover decade ago. The relevant report on Nature Communications suggests rocky outcrops and regoliths photographed on Mars could point towards bio-signatures from past early forms of life.

There are more proofs suggesting life on the Red Planet. This could inspire Trump’s policy on increased efforts for exploration to Mars.

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