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After Cleveland Officer’s Acquittal, 2 More Cases Appear

After Cleveland Officer’s Acquittal, 2 More Cases Appear
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After Cleveland Officer’s Acquittal, 2 More Cases Appear

Two more cases of high-profile police-involved deaths were reported in Cleveland after white patrolman Michael Brelo, charged in the shooting of two unarmed suspects, was acquitted on Saturday. The first case is that of a boy shot dead by a rookie patrolman; the second one is that of a mentally ill woman who died after officers pinned her to the ground and arrested her.

Last November, within a gap of only eight months, 12-year-old Tamir Rice and 37-year-old Tanisha Anderson were killed. The investigation of Tamir’s death by the Cuyahoga County sheriff’s department has been ready to be sent to county prosecutors to decide on the charges. The investigation of Anderson’s death is still undecided. Medical examiner said that she died of positional asphyxiation, which means breathlessness, and ruled a case of homicide. City and police officials did not come up with a clean clarification.

Tamir’s grandfather expressed his rage to several hundred people.

“I’m mad as hell,” Eugene Rice said. “What I want to do I better not say.”

An attorney of Tamir’s family, Walter Madison said said he wanted an independent prosecutor instead of the county prosecutor to judge Tamir’s case.

“It would be the best practice to avoid the appearance of impropriety at this particular junction,” Madison said.

On Sunday, Mayor Frank Jackson thanked the crowds for a peaceful protest against Brelo’s acquittal, who also faces administrative charges. Brelo, along with 12 other officers, fired 137 shots at Russell and Williams inside the car at the end of a 22-mile chase. After the verdict, 71 people were arrested.

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