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Clash Of Clans Update For October Out; Know The New Features Here

Clash Of Clans Update For October Out; Know The New Features Here
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Clash Of Clans Update For October Out; Know The New Features Here

After weeks of speculations, the latest Clash of Clans update for October has finally been released.

What could be the new features that it comes with?

The Supercell game, which was made available via the iOS platform in August 2012 and on Android in October 2013, has been gaining ground among mobile gaming fans throughout the world.

With the introduction of new games, it is expected that older ones have to continuously push updates to maintain their hold in the mobile gaming industry.

The October Clash of Clans update has revealed several new content and balancing features.

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Supercell said in its blog that “a new defense, a revamp to army training, loads of new content” are just among the exciting new details that every “CoC” fans can already start to enjoy.

Under the new content and balancing category, it can be noted that a lot of firsts have been included, such as the Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8; Dragon, Baby Dragon and Wizard as new troop levels; and X-Bow, Mortar and Hidden Tesla as new defense levels.

Training your own army has become easier as well with the newly-released Clash of Clans October update. With just “two simple taps,” a gamer can already prepare two full armies.

Another exciting update is the friendly wars which can be done for a minimum of one hour and 5v5 player size.

In an earlier post on its blog, Supercell gave fans a hint on what makes the Bomb Tower an exciting addition.

Starting at TH 8, the Bomb Towers will “explode in a small radius when destroyed, punishing masses of melee troops that charge in without a careful plan.”

It was further elaborated that with the “Clash of Clans” October 2016 update, the Bomb Towers are capable of creating “a lot of new room for balancing mass-attack troops, which have too easily teetered between being super-weak or super-strong.”

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