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Clash Between Apple and Beats Intentional: Get Ready for New Apple Music

Clash Between Apple and Beats Intentional: Get Ready for New Apple Music
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Clash Between Apple and Beats Intentional: Get Ready for New Apple Music

Apple made waves after it announced that the company will be acquiring Beats for $3 billion. What appeared to be a monumental acquisition turned into a conflict. The culture clash between the two entities may have sparked controversy, but new reports claim that the conflict was intentional to keep things interesting for Apple. Can Apple dominate the music business?

Apple wanted to shake things up for its music business so it initiated a culture clash against Beats, or so the reports say. Previously, it was reported that Beats’ way of doing things went against Apple’s preferences.

According to an industry source cited by Bloomberg via AppleInsider, Beats executive Jimmy Iovine has always tried negotiating things on his own and with labels and artists. The problem is that Apple did not know some of such at times. Additionally, Beats employees were surprised to find that Apple implements a “laborious approval process” for new products. Apple has always been known for its strictness on quality, although this registered to some Beat employees as “unnecessarily bureaucratic.”

The clash of cultures prompted departure of key employees, but one Apple executive claimed that the conflict was “intentional.” The idea is to bring together people from separate backgrounds and “create something groundbreaking.”

As such, Apple is not letting its music business go down the drain. Just recently, it was reported that Apple Music will be treated to a new design refresh thanks to the iOS 10. According to 9to5Mac’s previous report, the update will invest in “a redesigned user-interface, a few new functions, and reorganization as well as simplification of existing features.”

However, 9to5Mac’s Chance Miller argues that while Apple Music need an interface rework, the company should focus on service.

“The moral of the story here is that if Apple refreshes the design of Apple Music without solving the backend problems first, no progress will have been made in my mind throughout the first year of availability for the service. And I know I’m not alone in this thinking,” wrote Miller.

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